Slipknot mastermind and percussionist Shawn Crahan, as known as ‘Clown,’ has shared a dreadful photo of himself on his official Instagram account.

In this photo, Clown was wearing his new grey mask and red gloves. His hands were on his face and he was looking so terrifying that you can bloodcurdling.

After he shared this photo, the post got over 17.000 likes in four hours. There are no comments in the post because Clown closed this feature for the users.

Here is what Clown wrote:

“I see you. Do you see you?”

You can check the post below.

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I see you. Do you see you?

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A few months ago, Clown made an interview with GQ’s Gabe Conte and revealed unknown thoughts about the Slipknot.

Here is a part of Clown’s speech:

“I started the band with Paul Gray when I was 26, so I’ve dedicated pretty much my life to this mindset known as Slipknot. I wouldn’t change anything. There’s no reason to change anything.

We’re here because of the decisions we’ve made, and it just keeps getting better. Losing one of my best friends so many years ago, the guy you started a band with, is a tragedy.”

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