Slipknot co-founder and percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan recently posted a short video of the moment he got injured on his Instagram account and explained why he wasn’t on stage with the band in Florida.

Crahan previously announced that Slipknot is working on a new album named ‘Look Outside Your Window.’ Following that, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor revealed that the album is about %80 done. The band also released a new song, ‘The Chapeltown Rag,’ from the new album last week, and they were touring in the United States for Knotfest Roadshow when the injury happened.

While the exact moment Crahan got injured can be clearly seen in the video he posted, the musician also gave a detailed explanation of how it happened in the caption of his post. He said that he tore the bicep tendon in his upper arm, and it seems like it is now severely damaged. Many fans wished him a speedy recovery in the comments section under the post and said they hope he will feel better soon.

In this way, Crahan clarified why he wasn’t with Slipknot in Florida and stated that he feels sad about not being on stage alongside his band members. Crahan also specified that he had surgery in Los Angeles and is now in the process of recovery.

Here is how he explained the details:

Ladies and gentlemen,

If you look close enough, you can pinpoint the exact frame where Clown completely tore the bicep tendon from the radial tuberosity with proximal retraction, proximal to the coronoid fossa of the humerus.

With that being said, you may have realized I was not on stage in Florida with my brothers and my culture tonight. For this fact I am saddened. I had surgery today in Los Angeles, everything went great, and I am recovering peacefully.

I can’t express how happy and blessed I am to have been able to come back to touring after all that we as a community have been through the last couple years. And I promise we will see you all very soon. Thank you.

Hail The Knot”

Towards the end of his post, the Clown explained how delighted he is to return to touring again after a few years. Crahan also didn’t forget to thank all the fans and added that he looks forward to meeting them soon.