Photo Credit: Corey Taylor's Instagram

Yesterday was International Woman’s Day, and some people in Twitter tried to make a difference in our community.

A twitter user named MrMetalHead criticized metal portals because of their headlines.

Here is what he said:

“Imagine this Loudwire article on International Woman’s Day: ‘Alicia Dove’s boyfriend gives details for new album.’

Sounds ridiculous, right? Then why isn’t it ridiculous when it’s the other way around? (e.g. Corey Taylor’s girlfriend) Now, I’m not one of those SJW cronies but why can’t we just accept either of these titles? Because of titles like (FAMOUS MALE)’s girlfriend, she doesn’t get recognised as much, even if the subject of the article was centred around her.

All I’m saying is people needs to share the spotlight with the superstar’s less famous significant other in the media.”

After those tweets, Alicia Dove responsed:

“Thank you. It’s not about anything other than I did that interview just as much as he did, and I was on that bill, too. If I wasn’t his GF how would they have addressed me – or would they AT ALL?”

After that, Corey answered:

“I’d support a story like that.”

You can see all those tweets below: