In an interview with NME, Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor shared the details of his self-quarantine days at home and reacted to the people who refused to wear a mask in public.

As you might remember, the frontman of Slipknot and Stone Sour, Corey Taylor has been working on his solo album for a long time now. Taylor previously announced that his highly-anticipated album, ‘CMFT,’ would be released on October 2nd. A few months ago, Taylor released the first two singles from his upcoming album, ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped’ and ‘Black EyesBlue.’

Recently, Corey Taylor joined an interview with NME to talk about his upcoming album, ‘CMFT’, and gave some details of how he spent the self-quarantine days at his home in Las Vegas where the Covid-19 cases increased following the reopening of the casinos, bars, and restaurants.

According to Corey, their mayor, Carolyn Goodman, was wrong of going back to normal early especially by reopening the casinos, where people didn’t have to wear masks. Taylor reacted to those anti-maskers by referring to them as ‘jackasses‘ and mentioned how he was surprised by their ignorance.

Here’s what Corey Taylor stated about the going back to normal in Las Vegas:

“Well, our mayor is a fucking maniac. At the end of lockdown, she made this video of her driving around the city screaming, ‘We’ve got the keys! We’re opening back up!‘ and then as soon as places started trying to get back to normal, we had another upswing in COVID-like instances.

All these jackasses were going to the casinos and not wearing masks. Like, what do you think was going to happen you fucking morons? I was just blown away by the ignorance of people.”

Furthermore, Corey Taylor commented on his appearance on Adult Swim to emphasize the importance of wearing a mask. He mentioned that it was a very ridiculous thing to complain about wearing a mask for a short while in the grocery store since he was able to wear one for a two-hour Slipknot show.

Here’s how Taylor reacted to those who refuse to wear a mask in public:

“That was a thrill. I’ve been a fan of Adult Swim forever. ‘Space Ghost Coast to Coast’, what a show! But on the issue of the mask, seriously, people need to stop fucking whining. It’s like, people worrying about their rights being fucking stepped on. Are you kidding?

You didn’t say shit when they fucking told you to wear a seat belt. You’re going to complain about wearing a mask for five to 10 minutes in the grocery store? Get the fuck out. If I can wear a mask for a two-hour Slipknot show, you can wear one for five minutes. It’s such fucking idiotic garbage.”

Additionally, the talented vocalist talked about how he had to change his diet due to health reasons during the lockdown period and continued:

I was vegan for a little bit, but I’m pescatarian now. I eat fish. I eat eggs. But other than that, I don’t do any dairy. I haven’t eaten real meat for God knows how long. I did it for health reasons. My cholesterol was really high. My good cholesterol was really low and my bad cholesterol was really high.

As soon as I cut out meat it dropped eight points, which was fucking crazy. It did make me think, ‘There really is something in this’. But I love fish too much to give it up. I cannot ever imagine not eating sushi.”

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