Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has told one of the craziest stories about himself, confessing the unforgivable crime he had.

‘Loudwire’ recently shared one of the stories of rock writer Jon Wiederhorn which is taken from his new book named ‘Raising Hell: Backstage Tales From the Lives of Metal Legends.’ In that story, Corey is revealing how he learned to steal cars in Iowa in his teenage years.

While descending into the details of the story, he said that the nicest car they ever stole was a 1978 Impala. Corey Taylor also added that he was never caught in committing these major crimes.

Here’s what Corey Taylor stated:

“I used to walk to school every morning and the first thing I would do is hit that convenience store right across the street from my house.

I would fill my pockets with candy bars, then I would go to school and sell them for 25 to 50 cents a piece so I’d have money to buy cigarettes or actually get some food. It’s kind of amazing I never got caught.”

He continued:

“When I was a teenager, I didn’t have any money so I learned how to steal cars. Me and the people I hung out with on the street would either sell them or trade them for drugs. The nicest car we ever got was a ’78 Impala, which we probably got a grand for.

And then I think we just wasted it on narcotics. Shitty cars were easier to get a hold of because nobody cared about them. But they didn’t make us much money at all.”

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