Slipknot members have been updating their masks for every new record they release since the band’s formation, and fans are excited to see the new designs as the band is about to release a brand new album this year.

Before we even got the chance to listen to the new album, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor confirmed that they will appear with the new masks soon, and the fans started to wonder how the band members will look. About three days ago, Corey’s wife Alicia Taylor revealed on social media that Corey will debut his new mask this weekend and excited the community.

After over a year of waiting, Slipknot finally managed to get on the stage and perform live for the fans this weekend, and Corey debuted his new mask on the Rocklahoma show. The new mask was shared on social media by Rocklahoma’s official Twitter account, and the color of the mask seemed similar to the last one. On the other hand, it definitely felt scarier and darker at the same time.

Rocklahoma’s official Twitter account revealed the pictures:

“Corey’s newest maks debuts at Rocklahoma.”

You can check out Corey’s new mask below.