Slipknot co-founder and also fronting member, Corey Taylor, added yet another page to his CMFTour Diary this week and shared what was his feelings while he was performing with his wife Alicia Taylor of Cherry Bombs.

You might already know that the founder of Slipknot released his first-ever solo album named CMFT by Roadrunner Records at the end of the last year and it got great ratings from professional authorities. He also released the latest single from the album named ‘Samantha’s Gone’ in January.

While the all musicians in the music scene were hesitant to release a new album due to lack of chance to make a tour to promote their albums, Corey believed that he can do an American tour somehow and managed to schedule the tour dates. As he continues his shows while following COVID-19 measures all around America, Corey is also penning a CMFTour Diary to share his experiences day by day.

In his latest CMFTour diary, Corey shared how was the feeling of being on the same stage with his lovely wife and also the leader of the dance group Cherry Bombs. Slipknot co-founder claimed that Alicia puts her heart and soul into every show and every single music lover won’t believe their senses after watching them all play together.

Here is what Corey Taylor wrote:

“Even before her circus gets to town, she has to contend with trying to explain what exactly her show is and what she and the Cherry Bombs require to do it to promoters and bookers who may not comprehend the scope of what they’re bringing into their venue. This is no ordinary revue; hell, there isn’t even an easy way to describe it. It’s more than just a dance troupe.

It’s dance, and fire performance, and aerial performance, and pole performance, coupled with storytelling and angle grinding for good measure. Now even an expanded mind needs a minute to take that all in.

So sometimes there’s pushback. ‘Well, we can’t do pyro.’ It’s not pyro. ‘Well, we don’t have anything to hang you from.’ No problem; they have a mobile rig point apparatus. ‘Well, you can’t do fire in here without insurance.’ They’re fully insured on their own, both on the building, the audience, and the performers themselves. ‘Well, you’ll need a permit and you’ll have to talk to the fire marshal.” No problem; they’re all fully qualified in fire safety and protection. ‘Well, we just don’t have room for that.’ OK, they can set up on the floor. The pushback, misunderstanding and — worst of all — ‘mansplaining’ can be too much to bear for Alicia sometimes.”

He continued:

But she takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, redirects them to all the answers that are already in her tech rider, and maps out every performance a little differently for every place we play, not only because she has to but because she wants to, because her dream is just as real as any dude in a band, as any performer who wants to make the audience’s mouths drop, make their eyes perk up, and give them a whole other understanding of what can be done in these places, or what a Rock Show can look like. It’s fire and dancing and sexy and cool and complicated and amazing all at the same time, all set to rad music and killer video.

My wife puts her heart and soul into every show, whether the crowd gets it at first or not. For those of us who know what she has to put up with and do just to get on the stage, we all appreciate and love it even more because it’s a mother fucker. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out her movie/musical Macabaret the next time she puts it up for live streaming, or catch the road version next time we all play together. You won’t believe your senses.”

You can listen to the latest single of Corey right below.