Today, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has shared picture of him, holding an “I’m Jeff Vader” cup. He has an interesting haircut, and the whole conversation went through about that.

In the caption, Corey liken his hair to a bearded pineapple.

Here is what Taylor said on the caption:

“Guys, we need to stop with the bun/topknot thing. We all look like bearded pineapples. Just ‘pony’ it or let it hang.”

A fan named Skooch comments:

“Gene Simmons has pulled off that look since 1973. So before you were born Corey Taylor. “

Corey responded:

“HA! I was born in ’73! So… Uhh.. Totally forgot my point.”

A fan named Etta said:

“Says the guy who wears rubber on his face for a living.”

Corey responded:

“Yeah but i look GOOD.

Dj Antema said:

“Asians have been doing it for millenia. And vikings. Don’t really see a problem with it.”

Corey answered:

“This was a joke. You obviously didn’t see THAT. Carry on.”

Friendy Badger said:

“I’ll pass on the man bun, but i will NOT stop braiding my ass hair.”


Fair compromise.

Here is the Instagram post of Corey: