Slipknot and Stone Sour lead singer and frontman Corey Taylor posted a new tweet on his official Twittera account and joined the musicians who reveals their opinion about the latest US Gun Reform.

Corey responded to Derek Nankivel’s tweet and said that he’s not against people grew up around guns, but the availability and the psychosis behind the violence.

Derek wrote this:

“Remember seeing you at Harpos in Detroit with the knot and sour. If I can respect your opinion about too many guns. Can you respect mine as owning two 9mm hand guns stored in a safe for protection? Background checked and registered.”

Corey Taylor responded:

“Absolutely man. Thank you for asking that- my problem is NOT with responsible gun owners. My problem is NOT with the 2nd Amendment. My problem is with the ease of availability and the psychosis behind the violence. I grew up around guns. I respect them. Other people do NOT.”

You can see these tweets below.