Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor’s beloved wife, Alicia Taylor, has shared a new video with Corey Taylor on her Twitter account, suffered after a huge life struggle of their friend Nathan Mowery’s niece, Everett.

In the video, Alicia and Corey talked about Nathan’s niece who passed away twice and was brought back to life. They also said that she is still fighting for her life.

They also said that every donation will help Everett’s treat and they were grateful for it. You can click here to donate.

Here’s what Alicia Taylor wrote:

“At two weeks old, @NathanMowery’s niece passed away -twice- was brought back and is still fighting for her life.

Every donation, RT, tag… help comes in many forms and we are grateful for any bit of it for little Everett. 🖤”

A fan named MowerySusan commented and said this:

“Thank you Corey Taylor and Alicia for helping the kids out! Much love 💕”

Another fan named @PinkCigarette wrote this:

“I wish I could donate, but I can’t so I will retweet instead 🧡”

Check out the tweet below.