Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman, Corey Taylor, joined the new video of All Elite Wrestling’s Youtube channel, and he became a part of the funny fight scenes with Guns N’ Roses star, Duff McKagan, alongside other stars like Sonny Kiss, Kevin Smith, Jason Newes, and more.

In this ‘Bubbly Bunch Fight Club’ video, All Elite Wrestling group up famous people like comedians, professionals wrestlers, and they started a funny fight online and made everybody’s day with their act.

Corey was the person who ignited the fire of this fight, and also, he punched at Duff in the video after he got electroshocked by the famous actor, Lou Ferrigno. Duff, on the other hand, gathered himself after this hit and hit a big side kick to the camera.

This video was watched over 45K times on Youtube, and the fans headed to the comment section to share their reactions.

Here is what Corey Taylor wrote:

“Time for a Manitoba melee!”

A fan named Joey added this comment:

“Best part of The Bubbly Bunch was seeing Corey Taylor participate in a good old fashion Manitoba Melee!”

Another fan named Liam replied:

It must be an honor to be tased by Lou Ferrigno.”

You can check out the post and the video below.