Slipknot and Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor has shared the teaser video of his solo collaboration with rapper Kid Bookie on Instagram.

Corey posted the video with a simple message as follows:

“Today. @kidbookie x #CmthrfcknT”

A fan named Wesley Bennet wrote to him:

“Corey it’s so auto tuned. I didn’t even know it was you”

Corey responded:

“That’s not me on the chorus. I’m not in the clip. Gotta her the whole song to hear me.”

Another fan named Throne_over_board wrote:

“I don’t think it’s the fact he’s rapping that people dislike. I think it’s the fact it’s with a shit generic rapper. I’d listen to anything Corey does to be hones, just not this. “

Corey responded:

“Book is insanely talented, so we’re all just gonna disagree with you.”

Listen to the song below.

In addition, rapper Kid Bookie has shared the video with this honest statement:

“This wasn’t for the culture, it’s for the world, infinite love to my brother @coreytaylor because we created an absolute monster and I’m for ever grateful for the love and more dude for real, if we perform this prepare for the world to implode 😅, shout out @lewiscullen on the production, wizard beyond means, thank you to @jon_e_clayface for absolutely KILLING those riffs, a weekend session and you helped contribute to a beautiful moment on the planet, thank you to @olahbliss for adding the most aggressively sweet BV’s known to man kind eternally grateful my love, @denmarkstreetstudios for the sexiest mix ever, eternally and most importantly.. THE FANS AND SUPPORTERS CAUSE WE AINT SHIT WITHOUT YOU, WORD! 🖤”

You can listen to the teaser below.

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Today. @kidbookie x #CmthrfcknT

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