Photo Credit: Corey Taylor's Instagram

Today, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and his girlfriend Alicia Dove let daylight through Twitter community. There were rumors about Corey and his girlfriend Alicia Dove for a while.

Alicia said that she has been congratulated on her pregnancy by one of her followers. Another follower sent condolences about their breakup… Then, she has reacted to those people and said ‘You guys are wild’.

After that tweet, Corey responded for supporting Alicia. Briefly, Alicia is not pregnant and lovely couple is not breaking up either.

Here is what Alicia said:

“Today I’ve been congratulated on my pregnancy by one follower and then sent condolences about our breakup by another.

You guys are wild.

Here is Corey’s answer:

“And it’s all news to me.”

Here are those tweets: