The iconic frontman of Slipknot and Stone Sour, Corey Taylor has paid huge respects to Grace Jones, who is one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, while promoting his Halloween special project, ‘In Search of Darkness.’

Since the most mysterious and fun time of the year has arrived again in October, the lovers of horror and thriller have shown up their joy like the major fan of Halloween, Corey Taylor.

The great vocalist has displayed both his multidimensionality and his interest in the cult horror classics through ‘Corey Taylor Collector’s Edition of In Search of Darkness,’ a definitive ’80s horror documentary.

As he has released ‘In Search of Darkness Part II’ right after the first part, Taylor wanted to take a moment of appreciation for one of the legendary actresses starring in the movie, ‘Vamp,’ within the collection, Grace Jones, in his recent Instagram post.

Corey Taylor said, though Grace didn’t say a single word in the movie, she created an unforgettable character, who has been recalled even decades after. He shared a sneak peek into his collection and led his fans to the project’s website.

Grace Jones, who is a Jamaican model, singer, record producer, and actress, became known for her distinctive androgynous appearance and bold features. She influenced the cross-dressing movement of the 1980s and has been an inspiration for culture since then.

In the special edition, Corey is joined by ’80s icons, modern horror greats, and popular horror influencers as he guides you through the most complete retrospective documentary of the genre ever made.

This limited run of ‘In Search of Darkness‘ features all-new additional content from Corey, including new segments for each year, 1980-1989, where he reveals his favorite horror moments, and comes packed with unique collectibles.

Corey Taylor is joined by more than 40 contributors, including John Carpenter, Heather Langenkamp, and Doug Bradley. Each of the contributors gives their unique take on the genre and the films they were involved with.

Here’s what Corey Taylor said in his recent Instagram post:

“She didn’t say a single word in the movie, but Grace Jones created an unforgettable character in ‘Vamp.’

See more 80’s horror movie moments with the Corey Taylor Collector’s Edition of 80’s horror documentary, ‘In Search of Darkness: Part II.'”

You can see the post and the trailer of ‘Vamp’ below. Also, check out Corey’s edition here.