In recent days, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor made a statement about Imagine Dragons and there were lots of speculations about it.

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Today, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor shared an interesting photo in his Instagram and said “S’up” to his followers.

After that, comment section turns some kind of Question & Answer and chat session. Taylor answered fans questions with a witty and ironic way. Let’s look some of comments and Corey’s answers.

A fan named Panakin asked:

“Corey, I think we all know you secretly like Imagine Dragons. I mean, come on. You’ve emulated your voice on Nickleback’s singer. Don’t @me.”

Corey responded:

“They’re on to me…”

A fan named Logan asked:

“Says Imagine Dragons are the worst band ever. Own band honestly dresses like this.”

Corey responded:

“I keep TELLING you people not to listen to me!!”

A fan asked:

“Yeah but how tight are your jeans?”

Corey responded:

“Trick question!! I’m wearing TIGHTS!”

Another fan asked:

Hornswoggle cosplay?”

Corey responded:

Brian!! Confirmed!!”

A fan named Caser asked:

“Craig is gonna have golden coins sticking out of his head. Sid is gonna vomit rainbows.”

Corey responded:


A fan named Livvy asked:

“To be honest, I don’t like the new mask. I expected something more… scary.”

Corey responded:

“But I haven’t put The Foil on yet.”

A fan named Livvy asked:

“That time of year where everyone is Irish eh. I guess its’a complicated.”

Corey responded:

“I’m German Irish so I feel your pain.”

You see all the comments via Instagram photo below:

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S’up. #irish #stpaddysiscoming

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