Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor spoke in an interview with Full Metal Jackie and explained his thoughts about deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. He said:

“Just knowing that it’s something that I’ve fought with and have struggled with my whole life and knowing that I have friends who are the same way. I was friends with Chester. I knew Chris but we weren’t friends; obviously, he was a peer and someone I looked up to.

Chester really resonated with me just for the fact that we had gotten really close in the last year or so. It kind of … it set my feet and kind of set my tone in motion to make sure that the message was clear for people out there who struggle with it like I do, that there are people to talk to, there are people who will listen. Maybe you don’t even need help, you just need someone to listen. That in itself is a helping hand.

My main mission is to let people like me, and [let] them know that they are not alone. They don’t have to suffer alone. It may feel like the loneliest place on the planet and it may feel like trying to move through wet cement to try and lift your hand up to ask for help. But once you do, there will always be a hand there. Whether it’s mine or people way more qualified than I am to help, there are people out there who will help.

The sidebar of that is that I feel like more people who don’t know the struggle need to educate themselves because they can be a part of the problem. The misunderstanding, the ignorant apathy that happens when people just say — just shake it off, you’ll get over it, that’s not the way this works.

It’s a life-long struggle that needs empathy. It needs understanding. It doesn’t need cold indifference. So that’s the message I’m trying to carry to people.

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