As you can remember, Falling In Reverse was released their new song called “Drugs” three days ago, and the song featuring Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor. Listen to the song below.

Today, Corey had a recent conversation with a fan on Twitter and slammed hard on people who think that he got paid from his recent collaboration with Falling In Reverse.

A fan named Justice asked:

“It really blows my mind that @CoreyTaylorRock talks shit about @Imaginedragons then does a song with @FIROfficial How much did they pay you?”

Corey responded harshly:

“I did it for free. Just like all the other guest spots I do. Anything else you have no clue about that you want to attempt to talk shit on?

Justice responded but Corey didn’t answered him:

“No disrespect towards you. Just genuinely confused. When you gunna hit that guest spot for imagine dragons?”

About a month ago, Corey claimed that Imagine Dragons has replaced Nickelback as most hated rock band.

You can see these tweets below: