Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor spoke in an interview with Music Week, and revealed the best decision he ever made in his musical career.

He said that ‘the best move I ever made was joining Slipknot‘ and continued:

“Straight up, nothing beats that because at the time I was really happy with Stone Sour, but I was also looking to do something different. With Stone Sour I was the main songwriter at the time and I could’ve happily just continued there and tried to get signed, but there was something about Slipknot that really appealed to me.

I knew if I got in that band it was going to challenge me in ways that I have never felt before. The second thing would be putting Stone Sour back together because it was exactly for the same reason that I joined Slipknot years before, to do something different. I think those two things are the best decisions I ever made when it came to my career.”

Interviewer asked ‘What’s been the key to juggling both?’, and Corey responded:

“For me it’s all about focus, and it’s all about priorities, whichever one you’re in the driver’s seat of in that moment that is your priority and that is your focus.

You dip your toe into the other one behind the scenes when you have time off, but when you’re in the driver’s seat of that band, whichever band is on at the time, then that is your main concern.

That is the one you put all of the energy into, that is the one that you throw all of your focus and all of your work into. That’s why I’ve never let both bands overlap too much, as far as an [album] cycle goes or a recording session goes, it’s always about making sure that whoever is up has my utmost attention and I think that’s important.

It’s when you start stretching yourself too thin that the work becomes not as creative. I’ve really tried to strive to just make sure that when I’m doing one, another’s on hold and then I switch when the time comes.

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