Yesterday, Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds has shared a long statement against the people who criticized his band on Twitter and Instagram. Click here for the details.

Today, Slipknot frontman has responded to claims against himself on social media, and revealed the truth behind his statement on Imagine Dragons.

Basically, he said that ‘he was describing the memes about the bands’, when he was talking about Imagine Dragons and Nickelback during the recent interview with “Jonesy’s Jukebox”.

Early hours of the day, he wrote on Twitter and Instagram:

“As long as people are stupid, letting salacious headlines do their thinking for them, there will always be controversy. Do some research and find the truth- you’ll feel better… and look less ridiculous. #guiltfreehere”

A fan commented:

“I’m confused, if this is about Imagine Dragons, cause ya did say they are terrible and taking 1st place in the most hated category. Am I missing something?”

Corey responded:

“Dude if you can’t recognize a joke, I don’t know what to tell you. I was describing a meme- it’s all there in the radio interview. And that’s the last I’ll say about it.”

See the tweet below.

He also chimed in another conversation on Instagram today. A fan named Christian Pexa asked him on Instagram:

“So I read Imagine dragons response. Personally, I didnt think Corey was hating on them but it seemed to me like he was just stating that they have become the most hated “rock” band, not that they deserved it.

Now I never actually saw thr interview he was in. Would somebody care to clarify?”

Corey responded:

“No such thing as clarity when the interview is just pinched and taken outnof context from an actual interview. And I don’t care, either way. Case settled.”

You can see the comments below.