The legendary frontmen of Stone Sour and Slipknot, Corey Taylor was recently interviewed by Daniel P. Carter of The Marshall Podcast and revealed his thoughts on Ozzy Osbourne.

Corey Taylor also shared how did he react when he learned he will share the same stage with Ozzy.

Corey Taylor said that:

“We are touring into November because we are doing the Ozzy [Osbourne] run which is killer. You know, Ozzy, that’s a hell of a badge of honor for us, and they picked us. I’m like, woah, we just got knighted.”

Daniel P. Carter responded:

“It’s funny [about] you saying about wanting everything to be perfect and having those kind of jitters about things because, like, I was speaking to Ozzy at the Download Festival and there’s a guy that has been doing this longer than most of his fan base has been alive and he was just like, “I’m kind of nervous, it’s Download, I’m like Donnington.” I think that’s really beautiful and he was like, “I guess that means I care!”

Corey Taylor said:

“It’s when you stop caring that you should stop period because you aren’t doing it for the same reasons that you started to do it for in the first place.”

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