During a recent interview with “Jonesy’s Jukebox”, Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has shared his thoughts about Imagine Dragons and Nickelback.

Corey claimed that Imagine Dragons has replaced Nickelback as most hated rock band.

Interviewer Steve Jones said ‘Nickelback is the scapegoat of rock and roll’, Corey stated:

“However, they are passing the baton to Imagine Dragons right now, and I love it. They’re awful, so that’s cool. And they’re from Vegas, so I’m gonna go home to protests.

Can’t show my face in this town now. Yeah, people are slowly coming back to appreciate Nickelback and then just turning their irksome ire towards Imagine Dragons.”

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Back in November 2018, Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds defended Nickelback against the haters on Twitter. He wrote:

“The whole hate towards Creed and Nickelback for years is stupid and is nothing different then bullying.

It’s 1 thing to criticize their music because it’s not for u & another thing to continually shovel shit on them as people for fun. I don’t know them but am burnt on the hate.”

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