Corey Taylor, the frontman of Slipknot and Stone Sour, talked about the creation process of his new single, ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped‘s music video that extremely satisfied his fans by including lots of his musician friends as Marilyn Manson, Lars Ulrich, Lzzy Hale, and more.

During the latest interview he gave to 93.3 WMMR, one of the most productive musicians this year, Corey Taylor, has spoken about his groundbreaking music video project to the song, ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped,’ from his upcoming debut solo album ‘CMFT.’

As you know, Taylor has announced that he will release his solo album on October 2, 2020, via Roadrunner Records. The first two singles, ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped’ and ‘Black Eyes Blue’ were released on July 29, 2020. Lastly, the song called, ‘HWY 666‘ came out on September 2, 2020.

Within his recent conversation with WMMR’s Sara, Corey Taylor has explained that it was so cool that nearly all of his friends and the musicians he admires accepted to appear on the music video of ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped.’

He also revealed that only two people he invited to the project politely declined his offer. Didn’t want to give the names to put them on target, Corey said that he respects both of them and their decision by saying it just wasn’t their thing.

Here is what Corey Taylor said when he was asked if he is popular since lots of musicians appeared on his music video:

“Well, I hope so. I mean, the cool thing is is that I sent a wish list to my management, and basically said, ‘Some of these are friends and I can hit them up, but some of these are actually people that I don’t really keep in touch with. So if you can get them, that’d be great.’

And honestly, almost everyone said yes. It was really, really cool. So when I started seeing them kind-of flowing in on the video, I had the same reaction that everybody else did.

I was like freaking out, and yeah, it was really, really cool – it made me really happy.”

He was also asked who was the bastard that said no and responded as:

“It wasn’t a bastard so much; there were only two people, and they both politely declined because it just wasn’t their thing.

And they said, ‘We appreciate it, we love you, but this just isn’t our thing and we would never want to try to do something that’s just not our thing.’

And because of that, I will respect them and not put those names out there. Just the fact that they replied at all was huge.

They were like, ‘It’s not our thing, but thank you very much for considering us.’ So yeah, it was pretty cool.”

You can check out the rest of the interview and see the music video of ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped’ below.