Stone Sour and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has reacted to Stryper singer Michael Sweet’s message on Twitter.

A fan named Tucker Guthrie wrote to Michael:

“Please give me a Stryper and Slipknot tour I will be there in a headbang”

Michael responded:

“Unfortunately @slipknot probably doesn’t even know who @stryper is😳”

Then, Corey Taylor chimed in, and supported Michael with that message:

“Michael I still have my copy of ‘To Hell With The Devil’! Hope you’re well!”

Bully Ray responded to Corey:

“Still got my copies of Yellow and Black Attack (84) and Soldiers Under Command (85) … on vinyl !!!

Corey replied:

“Dude, ‘Soldiers…’ is a SOLID album! Well played!”

Check out the tweets below.