During in a recent interview with Louder Sound, Slipknot singer Corey Taylor and Lamb of God singer Randy Bylthe has shared their thoughts about rock music and rock stars.

Corey Taylor said that ‘David Lee Roth is just as big a rock star as Henry Rollins’. Here’s the whole conversation:

Interviewer asked:

“Is the age of the rock star dead?”

Corey responded ‘No.’, Randy said ‘Absolutely not.’

Interviewer said ‘What does that term mean right now, then? and Corey responded:

“It just means, do what you do. I think it depends on what your definition of a rock star is. To me, David Lee Roth is just as big a rock star as Henry Rollins. I think rock stars are still alive, but I think people think being a ‘rock star’ means you have to be chemically dependent on something. To me, that’s just putting romantic bullshit on addiction.”

Interviewer said ‘It feels like the glorification of that side of the scene is finally dying out’, Randy replied:

“I think that’s one good thing with the exposure of the idiocy of it. There used to be a romantic chic to being a junkie, but there are only two dudes who ever survived that – William S Burroughs and Keith Richards.”


“And Keith’s been sober for what, 20 years now?”


“Yeah, and he’s an anomaly. Everybody else just died in their own shit and vomit and despair in a corner.”

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