Slipknot and Stone Stour frontman Corey Taylor spoke in an interview with Radio Vegas Rocks and explained what fans should expect from him for the future.

He said that ‘ I’ve got a really cool jazzy version of ‘Bother’ (Stone Sour song) that could be really cool.’

Here’s the statement:

“My interest would be more singer-songwriter kind of vibe, like Squeeze or something like that. Or — and I’ve actually been thinking about doing something like this — putting together a quartet or a quintet and doing a jazz album, like a dark jazz album, [and] recording it live in a room. It won’t sell shit.

It would really just be for my own fucking personal collection… ‘Cause I love jazz. A lot of people don’t realize that — I listen to a lot of ’40s and ’50s jazz. And there is this… the haunting stuff that [Billie] Holiday would do, the older stuff that Charlie Parker would do, when he was really fucked up — that would be the stuff that I would be closer to.

And I’ve got, actually, jazzy versions of some of my own songs that I would love to try. Probably something like ‘Prosthetics’ [by Slipknot], I think would be really, really cool. And then ‘Bother’ — I’ve got a really cool jazzy version of ‘Bother’ that could be really cool.”

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