Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman, Corey Taylor, who has released his debut solo album named ‘CMFT’ last month, joined an interview with Talk Is Jericho and talked about lots of subjects varying from his new album to the sad coincidence between him and Eddie Van Halen.

As you may remember, Corey Taylor has released his debut solo album named ‘CMFT’ which means ‘Corey Motherf*cking Taylor,’ and achieved huge success while combining hard rock, blues, and country-infused rock tracks. The album has 13 brand new tracks including a bonus song which is an exclusive one with its Japanese version.

While Corey still enjoys the complimentary words about his new album, he also talked about how much the passing of Eddie Van Halen affected him. Corey stated that he tried to reach out to every single person who knew Eddie to share his condolences.

As Corey admits that Eddie’s music touched almost everybody in the music industry, he also revealed that the day that Eddie has passed away was their anniversary with his wife, Alicia Taylor.

Let’s check out what Corey Taylor said about Eddie:

“Dude, the sad thing is that it happened on my anniversary. So me and Alicia, we were getting all ready, and all of a sudden we get the news, and everybody was hitting me up.

So I immediately reached out to all the people who knew Eddie – because I never met him, but obviously, his music touched all of us. Van Halen was so different, and yet they were the blueprint for a million bands.

I mean every band I know, even if they didn’t like dig our music, they respected the craftsmanship, the diversity, the intricacy they put together. You had to be really good to play a Van Halen song, it wasn’t just one thing where you could ham-and-egg it.

I can’t play a Van Halen song; I get close, I start the riff and I just go, and then I start humming with my mouth.”

He continued:

“He was incredible. I mean, the influence that he had on not only modern shredders but the ’80s rock bands, the ’90s rock bands – he influences 40 years of musicianship. I mean, name another person who’s still alive really who’s had that kind of impact.

Their mentality – they were really the first band to really bring that party atmosphere into the live show. I remember seeing a video from 1984, it was just like – it looked so rad that you wanted to be there, as a dude. And then every ’80s band tried to take that, and it just never seemed genuine. It looked fun, but it never seemed as genuine or as dangerous, that ‘good’ dangerous, that edgier thing.

There was just something there that just created this whole party that was just like, you could either get high, loaded or laid at that party – there’s no bullshit about it. Do you know what’s rad, though? Seeing all the people come out from every genre, everybody from Tom Morello to John Mayer, I mean, everyone has an Eddie Van Halen story. What  Pete Townshend said about him really blew my mind.”

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