Slipknot and Stone Sour legend Corey Taylor’s son, Griffin Taylor, took to his official Instagram account to share a heart-melting photo of his cat named as ‘Nado’ and explained how he saved him.

In the caption, Griffin stated that they found out a little cat in the middle of the tornado disaster after their studio and he was so scared and wet that Griffin took him inside the studio. Griffin cleaned him up and washed all the maggots off on his skin.

With this behavior, Griffin earned the respect and heart of the fans and showed how cute his little buddy with his followers. He was holding the cat on his lap while surrounding him with a towel.

Here is what Griffin Taylor said:

“Look who we found outside the studio during a tornado! We found his crying under some pallets with maggots crawling on him. He was wet and scared and I picked him up and took him inside with the band.

We washed all the maggots off and took him in. We named him Nado. Get it? TorNado! He survived so I feel like it’s a fitting name.”

You can check out the post below.