While remaining one of the craziest people on social media, Slipnot legend Corey Taylor’s beloved son, Griffin Parker Taylor has posted a new photo of himself via his Instagram page.

In the recent photo, Griffin Parker Taylor was looking very unhappy because of his boyfriend broke up with him.

Here’s what he wrote in the Stories:

“It’s valentine’s Day and my boyfriend just broke up with me…”

You can see the Instagram Stories of him right below.

A few days ago, Corey Taylor had reacted to a disrespectful behavior from a fan during one of the recent live shows of the band in their 2020 European Tour.

Youtube channel called ‘Avenged Flipping Panda’ posted a video from Slipknot’s Amsterdam show and flashed how Corey reacted to a fan who tried to throw a beer to Corey.

As you can watch below, after this disrespectful moment, Corey couldn’t stop himself and smashed the fan by calling him a dumbass.

Here’s the video mentioned above: