The wife of Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, Alicia Dove Taylor, has responded to a question that she got from a fan on Twitter, and she gave really motivating advice to that fan.

A fan named Stone Rose asked:

“Drunken, late-night, advice-seeking tweet directed at @AliciaETaylor @LZZYHALE @carlaharvey @HeidiTheButcher @cyndilauper @joanjett.

How do you strong, amazing, talented, soulful ladies deal when life throws things at you that upset you but you have zero control of them happening?”

Alicia responded:

“I remind myself that life has parts that we can’t control, but how we react is more important. If you lose your shit, now you’ve got TWO problems.

Stay calm and focus on what you CAN do. Be grateful for the good stuff, and learn from the not so great stuff. You got this.”

Another fan named Alishia commented:

“After my night last night and this morning, I really needed to be reminded of this. Thank you 🖤🤘🏻🖤”

Alicia Taylor replied:

“Hope whatever you’re going through passes quickly. Be kind to yourself. 🖤”

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