Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor’s wife Alicia Taylor has posted a new tweet to share one of her future plans after their retirement.

As you know, Corey and Alicia are rarely using their social media accounts since disgusting troll attacks three months ago. Occasionally, they continue to write and share tweets, photos, and etc.

Here’s what Alicia wrote about her after retirement plans:

“CT and I just attended a luau and hope someday they’ll hire us when we retire”

She also posted another tweet and said:

“Feels great to know even with how much the falcons suck this year we can still beat the saints”

A fan name Lowlife commented to Alicia:

“I went to a luau once. All I remember was there was an open bar and the drinks were blue. And then we ended up sneaking into the pool at the fancy-ass Hilton with some locals and a bottle of vodka. 😂”

You can see the tweets below.