Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg recently joined WZOR’s Razor 94.7/104.7 radio station for an interview. The rocker argued the impact of Corey Taylor‘s musicianship on the band’s albums.

On December 12, 2013, Slipknot announced that Joey Jordison had left the band after 18 years of his career with the band. Later on, it turned out that the drummer had a health condition that made him unable to play drums. Following Jordison’s departure, Jay Weinberg replaced him in the band.

In a previous interview, Corey Taylor stated that all Slipknot members contribute to the makings of the band’s songs. Although their music sounds somewhat different with lineup changes, they can still write songs that sound very Slipknot. According to the singer, they can do this because all songs go through ‘the Slipknot filter.’

Recently, Jay Weinberg joined Razor’s afternoon host, Decker, for an interview and talked about Slipknot’s current musical direction. He stated that they began experimenting with exciting and interesting sounds with the forthcoming record. Moreover, Weinberg added Corey Taylor comes up with ideas that elevate their music and make it newer and better.

On the other hand, Jay Weinberg confirmed Taylor’s previous statements and said there are trademark Slipknot elements in their upcoming album that are the band’s touchstones. He then said experimenting with different things is exciting, and they are currently on the mixing stage of the new album.

During the conversation, Jay Weinberg said about Slipknot’s current musical path the following:

“I would say we kind of turned up the dials on experimentation. And there are some new things happening that are really exciting, really interesting, stuff that maybe I wouldn’t have even expected us to pull out of our hat. We’ve got a song that’s like the heaviest blues song on earth, and stuff like that. That’s super exciting to hear what the guys are doing.

Once we’re working on the instrumental for a while, then we get to hear what Corey Taylor brings to the table and how that elevates things and turns things into newer and better and whatever. It’s very exciting to hear that kind of taking shape. But, man, there’s so much in it that is trademark Slipknot. We’re not going to get away from that; we can’t escape that even if we wanted to.”

He then continued:

There are certain things that are just touchstones of what we are, and I think we’re really happy with that. And the fact that we can try to find new ways of presenting those elements; the loud, the fast, the abrasive, the discordant, all that is there for sure. And that’s really exciting. I think ‘The Chapeltown Rag’ is a great example of that. I think that’s a song that’s us at peak energy and chaos.

But what also really excites me is the way that we push things in experimental ways without questioning them. It’s just kind of, like, ‘This is what we wanna do. And people can take it or leave it. We don’t really care.’ Like on our last record, ‘Spiders’ was a great example of a song that is totally out of no playbook of Slipknot’s, but we make it Slipknot.

I think now that we’re in this final stage of mixing this album, I think I’m confident in saying that we just kind of turned up the dials on all that experimentation. And there’s some really, really new stuff that’s super exciting. And I hope it makes its way onto the stage soon. It’s going to be exciting to share.”

You can watch the interview below.