Slipknot’s iconic guitarist Jim Root was recently interviewed by Guitar Magazine and shared the untold story of how did he refuse to join Slipknot twice.

As you might check out the statements of Jim below, when he said no to Slipknot twice, some of his closest friends asked if he’s stupid or not. However, Jim decided to give it a chance after some time.

Here is the statement of Jim:

“After [my early, thrash metal band] Atomic Opera ended, Slipknot was kind of kicking off, but I’d given up on guitar and the whole ‘rock star dream.’

I hadn’t even touched a guitar in years. Slipknot was getting label interest, and they asked me to be in the band, but I had to pass because I didn’t think my abilities were up to the task at that point.

I said no to joining the band two times. Finally, a friend talked some sense into me. He was like, ‘What are you, stupid?! You can always go back to what you were doing before! You should give this a try.’

So I quit my job. The next day, I was at Mick’s apartment, and he was showing me all the tunes they’d recorded. Then we were rehearsing them at Sid Wilson’s house. A week later, I was in Malibu, recording them.”

As he exposed the details of this never-told-before story, Jim also reacted to the people who claim the latest album of the band ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ lacks guitar solos.

Here is the rest of the statement:

“I think that was a direct result of me focusing on the arrangements and the songs – I didn’t even think about guitar solos. It wasn’t intentional. It just worked out that way. On the next album, there might be guitar solos on every song!

Guitar solos are stressful. I love to do them. They’re a lot of fun and, of course, you want to showcase your skills. But if the song doesn’t need a guitar solo, why put one in there?

I always find myself overthinking solos to the point where they don’t feel natural. I want to showcase my skills, but I also want to play for the song. It makes me fucking crazy!”

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