Slipknot’s members often visited hospital this year. A few months ago, Corey Taylor had spinal surgery. Therefore, some concerts delayed. And now Jim Root had surgery. He noted:

“It’s been awhile since I’ve posted… a quick update before I disappear again. First of all, many many thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate it. 2nd of all… seems as if fractured vertebrae and hemorrhaged disks are an occupational hazard for metal bands. So. Early in the morning after Louder Than Life in Louisville I flew out for disk replacement surgery. Had the procedure this morning and other than being a bit sore and spun out from jet lag and Norco’s it’s all good. Although I won’t be as “mobile” onstage as before I’m looking very forward to the upcoming Knotfest shows and places we’ll be going in between… And lastly. That wasn’t quick. I spent way too much time typing all this out and most of you guys will lose interest and probably not even read the entire thing! Dicks. This message brought to you by Norco narcotics. See ya….”

Check the photo:

Get well soon Jim. Slipknot’s next concert will be Knotfest Mexico on October 16.