Slipknot guitarist and former lead guitarist of Stone Sour, Jim Root, was the latest interview guest of Total Guitar’s Sam Roche this week and talked about the day he threw his Fender Telecaster to his ex-bandmate Joey Jordison.

Jim Root who is also known as #4 of Slipknot is considered as one of the most talented guitarists of modern times and after parting ways with the ‘Atomic Opera’ which is the first-ever band he performed with, he met Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor and joined the band in 1999 as a replacement of the original guitarist Josh Brainard.

Later on, after the huge success of Slipknot records like ‘Purity’ and ‘Me Inside,’ Corey has invited his long-time buddy to join his side-band Stone Sour and he officially became a member of the band. However, in 2014, Stone Sour has announced that Jim Root is no longer a member of the band and Jim admitted that it’s not his decision at all.

In his latest interview with Total Guitar, Jim Root recalled an interesting day that he threw his Fender Tele like a spear to his bandmate Joey Jordison while they were shooting a video clip.

Here is his statement:

“We were shooting a video for ‘Disasterpiece,’ and for some reason, I was mad at Joey Jordison and heaved my Tele at him like a spear. I threw it probably 20 feet.

I thought for sure that I broke the hell out of it, but the only thing wrong was an imprint of his drum riser at the very end of the headstock.

My tech just re-tuned it and I finished the show with the same guitar.”

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