In a recent conversation with spirits critic Fred Minnick, Slipknot‘s percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan talked about the signature masks of the band and the difficulties caused by his ‘Clown’ persona over the years.

Slipknot’s iconic member Shawn Crahan joined The Fred Minnick Show on Youtube and revealed the details of the conflicts between his ‘Clown‘ persona and his real-life personality while drinking bourbon.

During the interview, Minnick asked questions about how he reacted when people called him ‘Clown’ and also what his mask meant to Shawn.

Shawn unveiled the details of his feelings about being ‘Clown’:

“Well, it’s kind of funny, I always joke with my peers and fans and family that I have artistic schizophrenia, so it’s like this third-person world that I’ve created for myself has become more of a problem than it was fruitful for artistic purposes.

You can imagine, in 25 years of service, people are like, ‘Do I call you Clown? Do I call you Shawn?’ My real name is Michael, Michael Shawn, so, ‘Do I call you Michael? Do I call you Shawn? Do I call you Clown aka No. 6? Custom percussionist?’

So, in the early days when we were dealing with ‘how do we introduce ourselves?’ on the back of a CD it would say, ‘Art direction: Shawn Crahan,’ but above that, it would say, ‘No 6: custom percussionist, Clown, and you know, that becomes confusing for everyone.”

Furthermore, he continued by explaining his final reasoning:

“I made a decision that it’s nice for me to be the one to try and separate the two entities, and what’s ironic is both creatures do both things. Both creatures do the art, both creatures do the business, but it’s mainly the universe that can’t separate it, so I have to separate it.

I think it comes down, something like this is more personal, and I want to make it more personal to who I am as a human and, you know, I often feel like my culture needs to be more around us, to let that other beast be around and less confusing, so it’s more or less a decision I made around the situation.

It’s very personal, which I feel this is, so I want to make it more personal. I feel like everyone wants the Clown, and I don’t feel like much in life anymore most people want Michael Shawn, so it’s good to push the Michael in front of people – if that makes sense.”

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