The iconic frontmen of Slipknot and Stone Sour, Corey Taylor’s wife Alicia Dove returned to social media for a while.

Alicia posted a new video and revealed the exciting moments she had with his lovely husband, Corey Taylor.

Here is what she wrote in the caption of the posts:

“Thank you @piiholozipline for such a fun experience! 🌴🌳🌾🌺🌀🦎”

A user named mattdirito commented:

“Verified Holy shit, y’all were way up there!”

Another user, xxtigersackxx wrote this:

“Hahaha hell yeah 🀘🏻❀️ that would be so epic – good to see you both having a blast 😁”

mustangsally6602 said that:

“How fun!! I’d probably pee my pants.”

Here are the posts below.