Press Release: Dewar PR

Sludge metal band ETHER have revealed “No Gods, All Masters” a new track from their forthcoming album There Is Nothing Left For Me Here.

Stream the track here:

There Is Nothing Left For Me Here will be released on July 7th 2017 via Dead Truth Recordings. The record was written amidst the separation and divorce process of a member, which steadies the mood of the record toward complete and utter abandonment. Lyrically, TINLFMH touches on the personal but focuses on current socio-political affairs, the whitewashing of historically tragic events, western programming, capitalism, and other tenets of denigration of the human condition. The record is as emotive as it is crushing, combining haunting melodies with Sabbath-esque riffs, to present something truly cathartic. Ether maintains a DIY punk ethic, releasing their own records and booking their own tours, from which members learned in their time in the hardcore scene.

Ether is:
Daniel Burger: drums
Devin Estep: guitar/vox
Peter Kovalsky: guitar/vox/banjo/toy piano
Joshua Shomburg: bass/vox/gong
George Geanuracos: violin/vox