Metallica bass guitarist Rob Trujillo spoke in the recent interview with Kerrang and revealed what James Hetfield felt about their collaboration with San Francisco Symphony, talking about the possibility of the third S&M project.

As you might remember, Metallica worked with San Francisco Symphony to times in the past, the first one was in 1999, and the second one was in the last year. With these shows, Metallica proved once again that why they are considered the best band in the world.

In the conversation, Rob stated that working the second time with the San Fransico Symphony was an amazing experience and revealed why it is possible to see the third collaboration with the symphony by saying that all of the band members love challenges and this would be a great opportunity for them.

Furthermore, Rob said that it was a so special moment for the band members to do another S&M collaboration, especially for James Hetfield. According to Rob’s statement, James enjoyed having a support for his vocals in the ‘All Within My Hands’ song.

Interviewer asked:

“Do you think we could see an ‘S&M3′ in 10 years’ time?”

Rob Trujillo replied:

“I think so. To me, ‘S&M2’ is an extension of where we are now and how we continue to grow. We enjoy challenges, so if there’s an ‘S&M3’ and we’re still healthy and kicking ass then I know it’s something we’d take on again.

‘All Within My Hands,’ the acoustic version of that, having Kirk sing a harmony part with me – I’d like to see more of that in ‘S&M3.'”

He continued:

“That was also a special moment for us as a band, I know it was special for James – he really enjoyed having that support for his vocal on that song.

There were a lot of moments where we were proud of what was happening – whether it was Scott and Lars doing ‘(Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth’ or ‘All Within My Hands’ or us playing a non-Metallica song with the orchestra, it keeps you on your toes and keeps things exciting.”

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