WWE Women’s champion Becky Lynch spoke in an interview with Loudwire and revealed the favorite rock and metal bands.

Big part of the interview is about Pearl Jam and she said that she is a big fan of Pearl Jam. Then, she revealed the bands that are important to her outside of Pearl Jam and said:

Soundgarden got me through some stuff. I got to see Chris Cornell, thankfully, before he passed. I saw them at the Olympia Theater in Dublin — my goodness, what an incredible voice. Alice in Chains was another big one.

Nirvana was a big one, but I wouldn’t say I’m the world’s biggest Nirvana fan. I might have been when I was younger, but not so much now. Then it’s just rock like Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, and more modern bands like Rise Against.”

On heavy metal:

“That would’ve been more in my youth. Not so much now, but when I was a teenager. Back in Ireland there was a place called the Central Bank and it was where all the little rocker kids would hang out and talk about music and bond over our angst. Around that time I was a big Pantera and Korn fan — Machine Head too.

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