Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan spoke in a recent fan Q&A session and claimed that Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame is anti-a-lot-of-things, particularly heavy metal.

A fan said:

“When you are inevitably inducted into the Rock Hall, who do you want to induct you?”

Billy responded:

“I don’t envision it happening, so…”

A fan:

“Comedian John Mulaney thinks SP’s absence is proof the R&R Hall of Fame is anti-Chicago.”

Billy said:

“It is anti-a-lot-of-things. Particularly metal.”

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In a recent interview with The Huff Post, The Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has shared the reason of why he always continue to making music. He said that “I almost gave up many, many times.” Here’s the statement:

“Well, I almost gave up many, many times. This might sound like an odd answer but it’s really thinking a lot about my ancestors. I came from really poor people. Immigrant people.

If I was to sit at a table with them, I mean, they’ve long departed, and tell them, ‘Yeah, I’m just going to blow all this off because I just don’t like the way it feels.’ They would laugh at me, you know? They were a tougher breed of people than I am.

And I’ve oftentimes tried to think through their eyes how they would view the opportunity. If you’re going to throw away an opportunity, fine, but at least know what opportunity you’re throwing away.

And I think when I really examined the opportunity, and I realized there was still a lot of good to be done, including helping bring my band back together, and really heal a wound that really needs to be healed. Not just for us, but even for a lot of fans.

There’s a lot of dreamy stuff in there, but the point being, I just had to grow up and really appreciate, really only in America could you have this wild life that I’ve had.

And live this crazy dream and also be willing to throw it away, jump up and down on it. It still survives, you know? There’s something pretty magical about that.”