The Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder was recently interviewed by Anne Erickson on Audio Ink Radio to talk about his debut solo song named ‘Haenim,’ the upcoming album of the band, as well as his experience working with Billy Corgan.

The Smashing Pumpkins guitarist recently released his debut solo single ‘Haenim’ which is the cover of a 1973 Korean song that was originally released by Kim Jung Mi. During the conversation, Jeff admitted that he has been listening to the original version of the song for years as he dedicates it to the late producer Max ‘The Pelican Boy’ Perenchio.

In the same conversation, Jeff was asked to give details about his personal relationship with his bandmates James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlain, and the fronting member of the band, Billy Corgan.

While Schroeder praised all his bandmates, he concentrated mostly on Billy Corgan and said that he has known him for fourteen years and went on to describe him as an amazing songwriter, guitar player, and producer.

Jeff also shared that he still feels excited about getting to learn how to make real records in the studio from the people that some of the best musicians in the industry, as they have worked with numerous icons such as Brian Eno, U2, and Depeche Mode.

Here is his statement about Billy:

“It’s transformed the way that I work, in that he is relentless for greatness. One thing that I always tell people is – because he has maybe a reputation for being difficult in a studio or something like that – but he absolutely doesn’t put any expectations on anybody else that he doesn’t put on himself, as far as quality, performance. He relentlessly from an artistic standpoint pursues his ideas, and that is the biggest and the best lesson to learn. That’s one, and the other one would be that he’s unabashedly unique.

That’s another thing that I’ve learned, that there are different types of musicians. There are musicians that will go out and get hired by a band to be a backing band guitarist or drummer, and those are very valid and great ways to earn a living and make a living. But, there are also musicians of a different ilk that maybe bring a different sort of quality to the table, and that is being absolutely unique.”

Jeff continued by sharing how unique Billy is:

“I feel legends like Billy are born out of that ilk where there is only one person that can be Billy Corgan, and that’s Billy Corgan. From the second he plays the guitar, from the second he sings, it’s only one person. And, that’s really inspiring. That takes a lot of courage, devotion, and dedication to cultivate that type of uniqueness because it’s scary. It’s vulnerable, whereas it’s easier to copy other people. Right? But to be completely unique and be yourself is the hardest thing to do. And, he’s been quite successful at it.

So, that’s something that I definitely don’t notice every day… Jimi Chamberlain is the same way, and James Iha is the same way, too, as far as they do all these things that are completely idiosyncratic and unique to them. So, it creates a sound. For me, that’s been something that I have tried to – I would never be in a position to evaluate myself to see if I’m successful or not at it – but I think that in pursuit of greatness, those are the types of things that I’ve learned from being in a band with those with people: Billy, Jimmy, and James.”

You can watch the interview below.