On Twitter, the famous actor James Woods reacted to the video revealing Dr. Anthony Fauci was taking an excessive amount of Vitamin D and stated he could take care of The Rolling Stones icon Keith Richards since he would probably live forever.

American actor and producer James Woods shared the video of Dr. John Campbell revealing the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci was consuming ten times the recommended dose of Vitamin D. Dr. Campbell was surprised to see Dr. Fauci’s contradicting behaviors, particularly since he was one of the lead members of the Trump administration’s White House Coronavirus Task Force.

In his reaction to the video, Woods claimed that maybe Dr. Fauci was keeping the amount of Vitamin D he used as a secret, so he could be the only ‘survivor of the human race.’ James also mentioned if Fauci achieved to live forever, he could also take care of another immortal man, Keith Richards.

Here’s what James Woods stated in his latest tweet:

“So it turns out Dr. Fauci is taking ten times the government recommended dose of Vitamin D. Perhaps he’s kept this secret so he’ll be the sole survivor of the human race.

I mean, somebody has to remain to take care of Keith Richards, right?”

As you know, The Rolling Stones legend has been continuing to be a rock star regardless of his age. The 76-year-old icon has been showing off with his remarkable performances on and off stage by posting his videos often on social media platforms.

Keith Richards frequently implied he was going to be in this world forever in his statements and many people seemed to believe he was capable of doing so.

You can see the tweet James Woods posted on his official Twitter account below.