Yes keyboardist and Ozzy Osbourne’s former bandmate, Rick Wakeman’s son, Adam Wakeman spoke in an interview with Talking Metal and he revealed what Ozzy Osbourne told him about his father.

Interviewer said:

“You mentioned your dad – who of course had a history with Ozzy and Sabbath, played on [1973’s] ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,’ ‘Sabbra Cadabra’… I know in Ozzy’s book, he shares some colorful stories about him. Does Ozzy ever pull you aside and share stories about your dad? “

Adam Wakeman responded:

“Quite regularly, yeah. It’s so much like hearing about different people – it was such a long time ago. My dad was a very heavy drinker, and it was a time when studios were kind of banned, so my dad was 24 hours in a bar. That’s how he ended up on that track really.

To hear the stories is like hearing about a different person. Because my dad was drunk for some 35 years, or maybe longer. He can’t remember a lot of stuff.

My dad tells me stories about when he was touring, but he can’t remember whole legs of tours. Ozzy’s got my dad, and my dad’s got Ozzy, and it’s a comforting thing really, to have such a history with the band.”

Interviewer said “Are there any plans for new Ozzy music?” and Adam replied:

“Not that I’ve heard. I find tour dates online, so I’d be the last to know. Who knows, anything is possible in this business, so yeah, who knows…”

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Adam Wakeman will perform as a keyboardist with Ozzy Osbourne for his 2019 tour.