KISS icon Gene Simmons’ lovely daughter, Sophie Simmons, has shared some special pictures and Boomerang video of herself with her brother, Nick Simmons, via her verified and official Instagram account.

Today is the 31st birthday of her brother, Nick Simmons. and Sophie has penned down a really emotional letter for celebrating her brother’s birthday.

Here’s the birthday message of Nick Simmons:

“This is my brother. today is his day. sometimes he has two legs and sometimes he has eight.

He is so very long like noodles in soup and he likes it a lot when you gift him with books.

This poem nearly rhymes and there is a reason why it’s nearly his birthday but it’s just not quite @nicktsimmons happy early birthday 🎂 (it’s tomorrow).”

Sophie Simmons’ brother, Nick Simmons has not written any message or comment to Sophie for saying thank you for this birthday message.

You can see the Instagram post right below.