Kim Thayil, lead guitarist of Soundgarden, spoke in an interview with Kerrang Magazine, and revealed the untold details of his first meeting with late singer Chris Cornell.

Here’s the story:

“My roommate introduced us, saying, ‘This is Chris and he’s going to sing for us.’ I said, ‘Okay, good to meet you Chris,’ and went into my room. [Laughs] It was a monosyllabic meeting and that was that.”

He also talked on his first impression about Chris, and said:

“It was hard to consider him a man at the time because he was only 19 and had to get special permits so he could play in bars. He was interested in kid-like frivolities, so more likely to roughhouse: to wrestle with his friends and play with his dogs, which he really loved. It was the kind of stuff that people in their late teens might do.

To be honest, despite being 23 and finishing up college at the University of Washington [where Kim earned a degree in philosophy], I was pretty immature too. Chris and I, therefore, bonded over our inability to be adults. We were pursuing being in rock ‘n’ roll bands, and there’s nothing incredibly adult about that!”

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