In an interview with Billboard, Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil has revealed his thoughts on new Soundgarden album without Chris Cornell.

Interviewer said ‘what about the material you were working on at the time of Chris’ death?’ and Khayil responded:

We were working on an album and there’s material there that we demoed that we can flesh out when we can access some of the basic, multi[-track)]recordings, sure. That’s being discussed.”

Interviwer asked ‘If Soundgarden is over, then, are you satisfied with the status of the group’s legacy?’, Thayil responded:

I’m completely satisfied, but it needs to be maintained. That’s why I’m overseeing the catalog and the merchandise, and I’ve been doing that all along because it’s important that the legacy is understood.

There’s an ever-expanding demographic of potential Soundgarden fans amidst a shrinking demographic of consumers, so it’s important that they there are good ways for them to hear what we did.”

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