The guitarist of Soundgarden, Kim Thayil had a recent interview with Michael Astley-Brown of Music Radar and revealed the truth behind the unsuccessful process about Soundgarden’s new album.

Thayil said that they asked for the latest demos and sound files of Chris Cornell and other band members but they have been rejected.

Here is his statement:

“It was demos, but the demo quality was pretty good, because both Chris and Matt had become very interested in their home recording technique, so they might demo a song, and then Ben and I would add our guitars or bass.

Maybe Matt might play drums to a riff that Chris had recorded. And that would be recorded by one of our engineers or techs.”

He continued:

“So they come and record parts that we overdub on the demos. Right now, that’s all kind of stalled. We tried to get this going two years ago, but we’re not in possession of any of the demos that Chris was working on with them.

We have copies of them, but what we need are the files, so that we’d be able to overdub and finish the record. We are not in possession of those.”

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