The late Soundgarden star Chris Cornell’s widow and also the co-founder of Vicky & Chris Foundation, Vicky Cornell, has posted a bunch of new photos on her official Instagram page today and showed off her favorite Chris Cornell photos ever.

According to the caption of the post, these rare pictures were taken by one of the most famous photographers of the community, and also the long-time photographer of Metallica, Ross Halfin. After sharing the goodies, almost 10K people like the photos including Chris Cornell’s lovely daughter Toni.

As you may already remember, Ross Halfin has posted an unseen photo of Chris yesterday and exposed the story of how Chris Cornell’s assistant did not allow him to use any of the photos he took during the photoshoot at A&M Studios in Hollywood and how Chris let Ross do whatever he wants with the pictures.

It seems that Ross had a great relationship with the members of the Cornell family after all. While posting the photos, Vicky spread great words about the iconic rock music photographer by stating she felt lucky and grateful that Halfin was there to document the happy moments of her husband Chris.

Here is what Vicky wrote about the photos:

“Here are some of my favorite pics of Chris that I chose for the album cover… It’s always great when it’s a friend who’s behind the lens!

Ross photographed Chris all over the world for years and they became good friends. Ross always had Chris (and me) cracking up laughing you see it in all his pics.

So lucky and grateful that he documented this, as Chris was so comfortable – you get a real inside look- it’s super special! And I love his story because in typical Ross fashion he pulls no punches! And it’s what Chris loved most about him!”

You can see the photos below.