Late Soundgarden legend Chris Cornell’s daughter, Toni Cornell, revealed the latest text messages of her father on Instagram and saddened the community by writing an emotional letter for him on the death anniversary.

In the messages, you can see that Toni and Chris were showing how much they loved each other and how adorable duo they were. In this way, Toni revealed his longing for his father.

Toni wrote in the caption that the most painful thing was realizing he is no longer stand with her and knowing that she can’t get a call or text from his father anymore. Also, she stated that the time is not fixing or healing anything because she is still missing Chris even after three years of his death.

Here is what Toni Cornell captioned:

“The hardest most painful thing I’ve ever known is the realization that you are no longer by my side.

3 years have passed and not a day goes by where I don’t think about picking up the phone to call you, or send you a message asking you how your day has been or asking for your opinion on something I wrote. And then it suddenly hits me that I will never get a text or call back. Whoever said that time heals lied. I miss you and love you so much.”

A fan named Sean wrote:

“The whole world misses him. He was truly a great person. My Idol. Can believe its 3 years already. Hope u and ur family are doing okay.”

Another fan named Aya added this comment:

“Missing him every day and can’t imagine your pain… Hold on…🖤”

You can check out the post below.