We have a very special interview with guitarist John LaMacchia from Candiria. You can read from below.

Metalhead Zone: First of all, we are very happy to have an interview with you. How are you doing, what are you doing as a band?

Candiria: Thank you. I am happy to do it. I am well, thank you. The band is in the process of relearning some older songs we would like to add into our set list for the US tour dates we are about to announce.

Metalhead Zone: After 7 years, you released “While They Were Sleeping”. How are general comments and reactions?

Candiria: The reaction to the new album has been really incredible. Extremely positive and has surpassed my expectations by far.

Metalhead Zone: Why is it waiting so long for the new album? I think you preferred to focus on other projects during this time.

Candiria: The band was a non functioning entity for the last 9 or so years except for a few studio projects we worked on together. The Toying With The Insanities remix and rare tracks series I released on my label and the release of The Invaders 7″ in 2014 which was one of the things that prompted us coming back together.

Metalhead Zone: Do you have plans to go on tour in Europe as part of the album promotion?

Candiria: We are planning a trip to Clisson, France to play Hellfest in the summer of 2017 right before we jump on the warped tour for 6 weeks in the states. We may possibly do more than just Hellfest while we are in Europe but I am not sure yet.

Metalhead Zone: If we look at the bases of the group; How did you come up with the idea of merging types like metalcore, jazz fusion and rap metal?

Candiria: The members of the band are all directly influenced by these genres among others and we are fluent enough to play in these genres as well so it all came together rather organically. It’s all the same 12 notes in Western music, including sharps and flats, so why not.

Metalhead Zone: Who are the musicians influencing you in musical terms?

Candiria: Miles Davis has such a unique tone it’s hard to not be influenced by him as a soloist. I also learned a lot about playing dynamically from listening to Miles. How important it is to be expressive with attack and volume as well as not being afraid to lay back and leave some space between your notes and phrases. Marc Ribot is also a great dynamic player as well and I draw influence from him quite often. The solo on the opening track of the new album was directly influenced by Ribot.

Metalhead Zone: Do you have a touring or concert adventure you have not forgotten?

Candiria: Too many to mention. This past tour we just did with our friends in Dalek was really great. We all clicked and had a ton of respect for each other. It felt great to share the stage with such an eclectic and interesting group. There really is no other Hip Hop group like Dalek. If you are not familiar you should check out their new album, Asphalt For Eden, it’s great.

Metalhead Zone: Album buying behavior is lower than before. How do you evaluate this change in people?

Candiria: I believe it’s the natural progression of things. There is one very positive thing about the digital age of music. It is way better for the environment. I also feel people consume way more music now than they ever have which is also positive.

Metalhead Zone: What is the biggest goal of the group?

Candiria: That would depend on the context. From a musical standpoint it is to continue on the path that the band has been on since it’s inception and continue to push the boundaries but at the same time, grow our audience and become a bigger band.